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  • We're looking for customers to make Valleys to Coast homes more energy-efficient

We're looking for customers to make Valleys to Coast homes more energy-efficient

Are you interested in climate change and saving energy?


Do you know how much energy your home uses? Are you heating it to the right temperature to get the best for your money? 


Check out this exciting new project we are looking for customers to join us in:


Welsh Government has told us that by 2030 we need to ensure all our homes have an Energy Performance Certificate rating of Band A. Together with other housing organisations across Wales we are part of an exciting project learning about what measures we need to put in place to make your home warm, cosy and cheaper to run, but we can’t do this alone, we need your help. 


We are looking for customers who would be interested in having an Intelligent Energy System fitted in their home to record their energy use. This data will be used to help us understand how efficient your home is and what measures could be put in place to make it cheaper for you to run, cosier for you to live in, and also to understand what funding we need over the next few years and how we should spend our money to make them as energy efficient as possible. 


At the moment the only work involved is the installation of the Intelligent Energy System but we will continue to liaise with you about any other works which we think your home will benefit from. 


To get involved...


1- Tell us you’re interested in taking part by emailing or phone 01656 762487


2- We’ll arrange a call with you and the team to talk through the project and answer any questions you have


3- We’ll pop out to do a whole house survey so we know what your home currently has (this should no longer than 2 hours)


4- An intelligent energy system will be installed in your home- this will take about half a day


5- The system will collect energy data for 12 months and we’ll use this to plan how we spend money to improve your home. 


We are undertaking this work with SERO Group who are based in South Wales and specialise in making homes more energy efficient. They are working with Welsh Government and Housing Associations like us to help us make sure your homes are ready for the future.


This project does not affect your energy supply; your choice of utility company; any other repairs your home needs and we don’t know all the answers yet as it’s a learning journey for us all. 


We can only understand what you and your home needs by undertaking this piece of work. 


Valleys to Coast has had funding for these systems to be fitted in 80 homes so don’t miss out, be part of working with us to plan for the future.