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Keep your communal areas clear

We are committed to providing you with homes where you can feel safe and happy. However, we cannot do this alone and need your help and assistance to make sure you, your family and your friends are safe. 


Some homes share common or communal areas such as the entrance to flats. To comply with fire regulations, these areas must be kept clear so that there is nothing that could cause a fire hazard or prevent people from escaping in an emergency. 


Monthly checks are carried out by ourselves to ensure that these communal areas are kept sterile i.e. hazard-free.


From 1st November 2021, any items left in these communal areas (including escape routes around the building) will now have a sticker placed on them.





If not removed in 7 days, items such as refuse sacks/cardboard boxes will be disposed of and these items will be recharged to you. If no owner is identified it will be recharged to the block. 


Any items of value such as white goods/bicycles will have 14 days to be removed. If not removed, the items will be placed in storage for 28 days. If you wish to have these items returned, you will need to collect them from the storage facility on an agreed date and time and the item will be recharged to you. If no owner can be identified the recharge will be placed against the block. 


If these items are not collected within the 28 day period they will be disposed of and this will also be recharged.


If you have any queries please contact the Home Safety Team:

0300 123 2100