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Help us add a bit of history by naming this street in Cefn Cribwr

We are looking to apply to Bridgend County Borough Council for a street name for our development in Cefn Cribwr and we are eager to hear your ideas. 


Located on the junction of Cefn Road and Bedford Close in Cefn Cribwr, Bridgend, the site has a rich history; once home to the former athletic club, as well as the St John Ambulance Hall. The Ambulance Hall functioned as an instructional and social space, and brought first aid training to the community, as well as hosting dances and other community events. 


The history of this site is something that we are eager to acknowledge and hope to reflect in the naming of the development.


The development will bring affordable housing to the area and bring back into use a vacant site that has sat empty for some time. We are also keen to preserve and enhance the Memorial Garden, creating a pleasant space that the whole community will be able to enjoy. 


All ideas are welcome, the final name will be translated into Welsh in line with the Council policy for new street names in Bridgend,  but we welcome suggestions in both English and Welsh. 


Bridgend County Borough Council will decide the final name for the street.


Please share your ideas and suggestions with us by completing this form.


Closing date for entries is the 12th of April 2021.