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The welfare of our colleagues and customers is our top priority. We are actively working to understand and mitigate the threat COVID-19 could have on our ability to deliver our services.

We are deploying measures to ensure we – in line with government advice – contain and delay the spread of the virus whilst delivering a business as usual approach.

We have detailed the actions we are currently taking to minimise the spread of the virus in order to protect the safety of both our colleagues, customers and partners.

We are delivering only emergency repairs to customers' homes.

To keep customers safe but also following the guidelines regarding social distancing we will be carrying out emergency repairs only to your homes. These include things like gas leaks, power cuts and broken lifts etc.


We will continue to ask whether you have any COVID-19 symptoms before the visit so we can come prepared.


Call us to report an emergency repairs, if it is not an emergency we suggest contacting us online:

We will continue to collect rent.
To enable us to fund our materials for emergency repairs, pay our invoices to contractors for their work and colleagues salaries we will need to continue to receive rent.

You can pay your rent over the phone and online if you are registered with AllPay. To make a payment online visit and make sure you have your AllPay reference number to hand.


We are aware that customers will have been laid off from their employment or are struggling financially if self-employed. As always we will respond flexibly to those who have difficulty paying their rent to us and work out the best solution including advising them of benefits that can be claimed.


We are working with colleagues in Welsh Government and the housing association sector to find a common solution to how best to assist individuals in these circumstances.


Continue to provide homes where people feel happy & safe.
We will continue to allocate homes to those in need in Bridgend and support those with a place to live, especially during this time of self isolation.
To apply for housing visit:



To support these priorities we have taken the following steps:

Office closure: We have closed our office to reduce the risk of those affected bringing it into the office. We will continue to answer any queries via telephone and our digital platforms for the foreseeable future. We have also asked our colleagues to work from home to again maintain a social distance from others.


Stopped cold calling: We have stopped colleagues visiting customers’ homes to discuss our services such as new homes, their rent and any repair issues. Any meetings that are essential are pre-planned with checks being carried out on customers' health.

Repair Prioritisation: We have categorised our repairs into emergency priority to ensure these essential repairs are carried out.

Sheltered Accommodation: We are supporting people to self-isolate and maintain a social distance in our sheltered schemes to protect those who are vulnerable and over 70 years old. We are planning to contact our customers to see if they would like a regular call from us to alleviate loneliness and isolation.

Cancelled events: Including any multi person events, meetings or conferences unless business critical. If seen as business critical then a risk assessment will be carried out.

Digital meetings: Colleagues are advised to use technology such as tele or video conferencing calls instead.

Underlying health conditions: Colleagues who have conditions highlighted are working from home alongside those pregnant and over the age of 70.

Symptoms: Colleagues that report any are advised to self-isolate for up to 7 days from the first known day of symptoms in an effort to tackle the coronavirus outbreak.

Cleaning: We have increased our cleaning contractors within our offices and in our sheltered accommodations to ensure they remain clean and sanitised.

We will continue to monitor the situation and aim to provide services where we can. Please check back here or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for updates.

In the meantime continue to follow the advice from


Updated 23.03.20