Looking for a Home

Mutual Exchange

This is a way of swapping your home with another V2C tenant or a tenant of another housing association or council who also wants to move. They might live in another part of the county borough or another local authority area.



How do I find a tenant to swap with?

V2C tenants can search for a suitable swap by registering online at www.HomeSwapper.co.uk.

This service is free to V2C tenants and allows you to advertise your home and automatically finds matches and alerts you by e mail or text message.

What do I do if someone is interested in swapping with me?

If you find a tenant to swap homes with you, the next step is to fill out a Mutual Exchange Form. If the person that you wish to swap homes with is not a V2C tenant then they will need to fill in a Non-resident mutual Exchange Form.

You must fill in all areas of the form and agree to swapping properties in the condition they are currently in, and sign a form to confirm this.


We will complete all relevant checks and then respond in writing if we give permission for this exchange to go ahead. Please wait for this permission in writing before making any arrangements.


All full assured tenants of V2C (not ‘starter’ tenants) have the right to apply for a mutual exchange.


Under the Housing Act 1985, we can only refuse an exchange for 10 specific reasons. For example, we may refuse permission if the property has been built or adapted for people with special needs, if a notice seeking possession has been served on either person, or if either person has rent arrears. You may have to meet certain conditions before an exchange will be allowed, such as paying any outstanding rent you owe.