Green Dragon

V2C was first awarded the Green Dragon Accreditation in 2011, and we have retained it since then. The Green Dragon Environmental Standard is designed to promote good environmental management within the organisation and to help organisations manage their activities in a way that impacts positively upon the environment.


Achieving the Green Dragon Standard demonstrates V2C’s commitment to environmental management and each year V2C has to go through a rigorous inspection to maintain this certification. 


The benefits to the business of achieving the standard include: improved energy efficiency; reduction in V2C’s carbon footprint; and improved environmental sustainability.


To achieve and retain the Level 2 Accreditation V2C have:


  • Made a commitment to Environmental Management.
  • Reviewed the environmental impact of our buildings and activities.
  • Set up a system to monitor our energy consumption, waste production and recycling activity.
  • Devised an action plan to make continual environmental improvements.
  • Compiled a register of environmental legislation to which we comply.
  • Created procedures to deal with emergency environmental incidents.


Promoted the importance of looking after our environment amongst staff.