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Becoming A Tenant Board Member

As a tenant or leaseholder of V2C, you must first become a V2C Sharemember before you can apply to become a Tenant Board Member.


Click here for more information on becoming a Sharemember.

What does the Board do?




The Board is ultimately responsible for the organisation itself: making sure that it is financially sound and that it complies with the law in everything it does.


The Board also has responsibility for deciding the strategic direction of the organisation: what it needs to be doing in the future and what needs changing.


The Board does not manage the day to day affairs of the association: that is the job of the Chief Executive and the staff.


The Board does review performance at a very high level but doesn’t involve itself in individual cases or matters relating to specific estates.

What skills or experience will I need?


The Board needs to make sure that its members have a wide range of skills and experience. Equally as important as legal, financial or management knowledge is a good broad range of life skills that you might have developed from your place of work, from running a home or from being a committee member of a local organisation.

Training is provided to all Board Members and is an important part of being on the Board. As well as helping individuals learn new skills, the Board as a whole has regular training sessions to help everybody work together more effectively.

All new Board Members receive Induction Training to help them settle into the role and find out more about the organisation.

How is the Board made up?


The Board has 9 members and is made up of three groups:


Three Tenants

Three Councillors from BCBC

Three ‘Independents’ (Not councillors or tenants.)