• Are you satisfied with our opening hours?

    We are open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, with an out-of-hours emergency line operating outside of these times.


    We want to find out if our opening hours are working for you. 


    Tell us ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in this quick survey: https://forms.gle/jJt6LbLYBp6QmwEa8

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  • Valleys to Coast partner with Cyfle Building Skills to launch apprenticeship scheme

    We have launched a partnership with Cyfle Building Skills which will create more apprenticeship and employment opportunities in our communities.


    Cyfle Building Skills is a shared apprenticeship scheme that has employed more than 650 apprentices to date, making it the largest shared apprenticeship scheme in the UK. Currently based in South West Wales, the new collaboration will see them extend their offering into Bridgend. 


    Announced at Bridgend College’s STEAM Academy, where apprentices from over 250 local employers train in state-of-the-art facilities, we want to build on our existing apprenticeship schemes and increase the number of apprentices working directly for us, as well as with the contractors we employ.


    At the launch, our CEO Joanne Oak explained how increasing the amount of apprentices will help address the current skills gap in the construction industry, which is vital to being able to build more homes.


    “We are committed to tackling the local and national housing crisis by helping the Welsh Government meet their 20,000 environmentally-friendly new homes target. To reach it, a well-trained construction industry is essential so we can build a better Bridgend and create more safe and happy homes and places where our customers can thrive.”


    Working with us over the next few years, Cyfle will link in with other partners in our supply chain to develop the scheme and create apprenticeship opportunities for people of all ages, at various stages in their lives.


    One contractor already employing apprentices is ASW Property Services, who offer critical support to Valleys to Coast’s existing trades teams, and recently were able to offer a permanent position to one of their apprentices. The pipeline of work we provide is essential to enabling contractors like ASW to offer work placement opportunities to apprentices. 


    Our Communities and Commercial Business Partner, Rachel Lovell, explained how the scheme not only helps the organisation, but also our customers in the wider community.


    “Apprenticeship schemes provide training and jobs to our customers, and also support our foundational economy which helps regenerate our local communities. By working collaboratively with external stakeholders to build the infrastructure to support the economic, social and environmental framework, we can also support the foundational economy and ensure the pound stays in Bridgend.”


    Watch a video from the day here.

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  • Help us shape the services we deliver

    We want to know what you think about our repairs service, and how we can improve it going forward. 


    If you have received a repair within the last six months and we hold your telephone number on our database, then you could receive a call over the next two weeks asking you to complete a five-minute survey. 


    We have appointed a company called Beaufort Research to carry out the survey on our behalf. Their telephone number is 029 2037 6745 so please, if you can, answer their call and help us shape the services we deliver.


    Thank you.

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