• Allotment transformation wins Befriending and Mentoring Award.

    Bill Daniels began volunteering with Mirus in May 2018 at their allotment in Brackla, Bridgend. He immediately took on the role of mentoring which resulted in some great relationships which developed over their love of the allotment. They set about transforming the allotment over the next few months, growing herbs, vegetables and flowers.


    Bridgend Association of Voluntary Organisations (BAVO) recognised and celebrated the great volunteering that is happening across the local area at their annual Voluneer Achievement Awards and Bill Daniels successfully won the Befriending and mentoring award.


    Volunteers deliver services in the heart of our local communities. They make it easier for people to get the support they need and also improve other people’s wellbeing. They make a real difference to charities and ultimately to people’s lives and BAVO were delighted to be able to recognise their hard work and achievements.


    As sponsors of the Befriending and Mentoring Award; our Chief Operating Officer, Paul Ryall-Friend said: “It’s always a privilege to support these awards. Bill is a great guy and even those he mentors call him a legend, a true legend. It’s clear that he truly puts his customers at the heart of what he does by mentoring them around their work commitment and when it is suitable to them. We want to support Bridgend to have thriving communities and think Bill is doing a great job in helping to do this.”


    Volunteering can be exciting, challenging and rewarding. Groups rely on volunteers and you can make a BIG difference to your community!  Have a look at local opportunities at Bridgend.volunteering-wales.net or drop by our Volunteer Centre in Queen Street in Bridgend town Centre. For further details call BAVO, T: 01656 810400.

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  • 20 new job vacancies need filling before Christmas.

    We are looking to recruit 20 new candidates to fill the job vacancies we have available in Bridgend.


    Having a home is a basic right for everybody and we’re looking for the right candidates to ensure customers are put at the heart of what we do in desirable homes and as part of thriving communities.

    The roles they have available range from the Chief Executive, Director of Housing, Board Members, Administration Assistants and much much more.


    Paul Ryall-Friend, our Deputy Chief Executive commented, “You will be joining us during a very exciting programme of change and will contribute to strengthening our foundations to continue to be a successful organisation.  We have some great opportunities for the right people to work in the right roles and I would encourage anyone who is interested to apply.”


    Job vacancies will be published on our website every Monday and advertised through social media channels. Visit our website for more details; www.v2c.org.uk/Careers

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  • Bonfires on our land

    We want to help ensure that our homes and communities are safe and enjoyable places for everyone.


    We know that many people enjoy holding bonfires at this time of year, but not everyone shares that enjoyment. The building and setting of bonfires can cause distress to some other local residents, a risk to animal welfare, and a health and safety risk either from the fire itself or from the burning of materials that are hazardous when burnt.


    We do not approve of any bonfires being held on our land.


    If we become aware of bonfires being built on our land, we treat this in the same way as illegal fly-tipping. This means we may remove materials we consider to be particularly harmful or dangerous, providing it is safe for us to do so. We are unable to remove all materials immediately and will make plans for the clearance of the site at some point in the future.


    If you wish to discuss this in any more detail, please speak to Clive Thomas, our Estates Officer on:


    0300 123 2100

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